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2018 HK Global Sourcing Fair

Global Sources Electronics, Global Sources' flagship event, is the world's largest electronics trade fair, featuring 6,600 booths of the hottest electronics from China, South Korea and other countries in Asia. It opens April 11 at AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong, and comprises two phases – Consumer Electronics and Mobile Electronics.

Global Sources Consumer Electronics hosts 3,800 booths of consumer electronics, with gaming, components and smart living products. Fast-growing startups will also be ready to showcase cutting-edge products.

Techcool is a frequenter of the exhibition. In fact, we won't miss any opportunity to join exhibitions, and we always get good gains from every exhibition. The difference is that , this time in Hong Kong, we are more purposeful, more fully prepared,and more high-end products products are displayed.

ANC Bluetooth headsets

TWS Bluetooth headphones

Sports earphones

This year, the significant breakthroughs were made in the technology of our products.

And I would like to specifically introduce this product ---BH569

The ANC headset BH569 with wooden outer covering  has been designed by our R & D personnel.
This will be a technological revolution in the product, because there are hardly any similar products that can combine wooden headsets with ANC system so perfectly.

But BH569 does do it!  Many of the customers in the exhibition showed their interests in it.

It will be sold on the market in May, wait and see!

We are very concerned about the feedback from customers, and hope to continuously improve our products. Your valuable opinions are the driving force for our progress.

Our goal is always the same: Better products, better services!

Until 4.14, the 2018 HK Global Sourcing Fair has come to a successful end. In this exhibition, we have  got a lot of information on the forefront of the present market. This has a guiding significance for our research and development. Only to know what products the customers need, can we design and sell the best ones, and provide better services. There were many customers showed their interests in our products, and we got a lot of business cards from them. Some of them also give their sincere suggestions to our products. We will try our best to satisfy every customers. Thanks for their trusts, sincerely!

Picture Show

See you next time!

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